Join                         where I walk you through hosting profitable Family Sessions and the steps that I take to ensure my clients are repeat clients!

You're struggling when it comes to booking your calendar, and you have no idea where to start pricing your sessions to actually make a profit.

The emails you send to your clients are stale, impersonal, and you're not sure how to retain your inquires- if you can even get them!

You're offering your Family Sessions with absolutely NO Master Plan of growing your income!

You don't have to do the guess work- I've already done it for you!

Are you ready to confidently show up to your sessions & WOW your clients?

The Vault

Stop doing this to yourself!

Family session

Follow along as I serve my clients by offering prompts to keep them giggling, learn the lighting that I look for on the spot, and how I continue to interact my families to keep them invested!

Watch this family session to learn how book repeat clients

The Vault can raise your prices by hundreds of dollars!

How would you spend that money RIGHT NOW?

Would it pay off your car, maybe your student loans, help you purchase that next piece of equipment (because let's be honest- there's always a 'next'!)

Start hitting your goals- Every single time!

We have more potential than we give ourselves credit for

success is measured in happiness

Life is too short to not spend it doing something you love

a few core beliefs you'll find here

You're struggling to book clients that see the value in your work, and when you do finally book them, you're afraid that you're not serving them like they deserve!

"Should I be doing more? Am I saying the right things in my emails? They haven't said anything about their gallery- do they even like it??"  

I know you're tired of not booking any sessions for weeks on end, only to get inquiries that ghost you time & time again.

When you join                                  you won't be unsure of how to serve your clients anymore!

 You're going to get


I am giving you everything you need to succeed

The Vault

Real Results

Show me those

+ Deep Dives that help you boost your sales
+ Done for you Email Templates!
+ Behind The Scenes Content that I don't share anywhere else!


I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

My camera

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Meet Miranda

I did everything I wasn't supposed to do! My emails were generic with no personality, I never blogged a single session, was overworking myself, and never brought in more than $1,000 a year!

Now, I'm adding more flare and personality to my emails, reaching a new client base that I wasn't before, and have brought in over $40,000 from families ALONE!

The best part is that I'm not having to overwork myself to get these results. I'm authentic & passionate just like you- but now I know how to harness that and create an amazing experience for my clients.

Family Sessions are amazing for me and my family, they allow me to stay home with my girls, spend more time doing what I love, and have given me the gift of educating HUNDREDS of photographers all over the world!

Sharing this information and allowing others to support their family is my main reason for doing this!

Help me make

Why join The Vault?

Because these trainings are unique- you get full walk throughs, break downs of my sessions with families, and tools that I've created myself to help you grow!

The Assistant Accelerator & The Mini Session Calculator are two things you won't find ANYWHERE else on the internet!

I created both of these when I realized that we were seriously missing out on education for Family Photographers.

Let's grow your business together!

Ready to Join?

Your discount lasts all year! This is a yearly membership, but at the end of the 1 year you'll receive a discount code to save on your next year with The Vault!

If I get in at a discounted rate, how long does my discount last?

Yes! If you pay for the full year up front then you actually get the BEST deal that I offer! Yearly payments are only $270- add that on top of the amazing savings of $54 of that you're already getting & it's a no brainer!

Can I pay for 1 year instead of doing monthly payments?

No it is not! This will benefit you if you shoot family session through out the year, as well! Mini Session education focuses on giving your client the best experience in just those 15 minutes that you're with them (while serving them before & after)! Family sessions include the same principles, and you can apply these to everyone of your sessions!

Is this ONLY for Mini Sessions?

You get immediate access to all of my trainings, templates, and more!
That includes: Email Templates, The Calculator, Posing Guide, Assistant Accelerator, 30 Days of Captions, Questionnaire, 5+ Deep Dives, & so much more! I am constantly adding to The Vault, so your education doesn't stop after just 1 month, or even 6!

What do I get access to when I sign up?

Frequently Asked Questions

You want to start adding to your income with Family Sessions, but you're struggling to get in front of the right people.

You're hoping to use this additional income to pay off your student loans, or maybe even your car- but you can't get your clients to actually book you.

You're watching other people have so much more success with their Family Sessions and you're wondering, "What am I doing wrong?"

Start Creating Consistent Income with Family & Mini Sessions!

You can have this, too!

It's not just you that is struggling!

These photographers don't have a magic wand, they're not conjuring up clients from thin air. They've worked with their clients, earned their trust, and have given them amazing experiences.

They've been able to add more clients to their list from referrals, and their families RAVING about them!


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