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ShootProof has been the ONLY Gallery Hosting Site that I've used since I began photography back in 2017!

It allows me to connect email campaigns to certain types of galleries, making sure that my clients are served well and their experiences are customized!

Have you considered creating payments for your clients to purchase additional images?

That's what's known as an Upsell!

These Upsells are easy to create with ShootProof, and allows you to apply special pricing to each gallery with presets.

The presets save you so much time! Create one preset for all of your 2022 Minis, and update pricing as you go! Want to create a special pricing plan for special guests? That's absolutely possible with ShootProof!

Set up all of your information for galleries with each preset and apply them as you upload the images. Much easier and faster than applying everything by hand!

When you apply presets to a gallery you also apply an Email Campaign, this allows you to set up the emails that are sent to your clients asking for reviews & any feedback on  the galleries.

When you send gentle reminders about purchasing prints, canvases, or other products, your clients are much more inclined to purchase from you & the print shops that you choose to work with!

Creating new galleries, setting up payments, and pushing upsells!

Automation & Templates!

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Gallery Host site, i won't ever use another! My clients are getting the best experience & I love giving that to them!"

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Like so many of us in the creative industry- I'm a mom!

I have a toddler crawling all over me as I'm editing my weddings, trying to send emails, and collect payments.

Yes- I'm going to forget to send an email or two as I'm trying to maneuver my persona life with my kids & husband- the people that I do this for.

In 2017 I started working with ShootProof & fell in love with how easy it is for my clients to order prints & allow for upsells!

Every Mini Session I've upsold hundreds of dollars in the first few days after my clients receive their galleries, and then with ShootProof's email follow up that allow me to communicate with them on a scheduled campaign they end up purchasing even more!

Photographer & Education (& in love with ShootProof!)

Miranda Eorio

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