This is for every creative entrepreneur out there!

I've used Dubsado for almost 2 years, and I always have the same experience day in and day out- incredible customer service with a beautiful layout, and easy to use tools that actually help me grow my photography business!

Imagine having to send emails asking your clients to pay their next installment days in advance because you're going on your first family vacation in a year! You're stressing about money making it to your bank account, not sure that you can leave your business unattended for even 5 days.

I've been there!

I've had clients that needed to pay their deposits, their final payments, reread their contracts, and everything that I'm not able to do from the beach! Let's be honest, I could- and I have.

But since I got Dubsado- I don't feel that pressure anymore!

My clients receive a Welcome Email that I have customized, welcoming them to The MEP Family and has links to not only their Contract, Invoice, and Questionnaire, but also their Client Portal!

Oh- the Client Portal. My BFF in the CRM world.

Where your client can access everything from their Contract, Invoice, Emails, Questionnaire, and every single thing that you send them. It's easily customizable to your brand, which is the best part!

It's an extension of your website & your client feels like you're speaking to them.

Create a workflow, apply it to a project, and watch as Dubsado does the rest

Believe in Automation

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Working with dubsado I've scaled my business to twice my income last year, and my clients appreciate the automation!"


Like so many of us in the creative industry- I'm a mom!

I have a toddler crawling all over me as I'm editing my weddings, trying to send emails, and collect payments.

Yes- I'm going to forget to send an email or two as I'm trying to maneuver my persona life with my kids & husband- the people that I do this for.

Since I started working with Dubsado, two years ago, I've found that Automation is the KEY! Dubsado does such a great job at simplifying the process, I don't have to repeat myself for every single client!

I set up 1 Workflow and then BAM! I might have to tweak it twice throughout the year, and it saves me HOURS a week!

Photographer & Education (& in love with Dubsado!)

Miranda Eorio

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